Its Majesty Cornish Rex

This cat is definitely unusual and extremely elegant. You get impressed not only by its beauty, but also, and perhaps above all, its character and temperament. However, this is not a cat for everyone. It is very friendly, curious, enjoying continuous contact with the human. Sometimes it even becomes insistent just in order to feel close to people.

This cat may evoke different extreme emotions – from disgust to excitement. Why? Well, I suppose this cat is quite weird, a little amazing. We expect that the cat is a cat and here we have… Cornish Rex.

Cornish Rex gives the impression of a very noble, elegant, subtle, intelligent and incredibly delicate creature. There may be a distance during the initial contact, but after a couple of moments the cat feels comfortable on the man’s shoulder or even his head.

Cats of this breed have much in common yet each of them is different. Happily waving its tail and always ready to play pranks or run around the walls … yes, that’s right… the walls. Obstacles for these cats do not exist – every of them may be overcome. This cat is fast learning, smart, agile and athletic.

Cornish Rex is like a child who never grows up and what’s more never gets old. Its elegant appearance collides with its childlike simplicity and endless mischief. This cat is very active and friendly, constantly seeking for the company of other family members.

It loves participating in all household activities. So, if something interesting is happening at the same time in two different places at home, Cornish Rex will be trying to be in both of them! Even when people are asleep, Cornish Rex needs their company.

It is extremely gentle and devoid of aggression in any type of contact with people. Cornish Rex loves children. Actually, it is like a child itself. It loves playing hide and seek.

When returning home, you can be sure to be greeted at the doorstep by a cat waving its tail happily. Cornish Rex cannot stay alone

Tämän kuvan alt-attribuutti on tyhjä; Tiedoston nimi on Q11.jpg

at home for long. Boredom is its most dangerous enemy. Having a pair of Cornish Rex at home may be the solution. Together they are able to deal with the absence of people. However, do not expect they will leave you alone, when you return home. 

You can never know how a Cornish Rex will coexist with other breeds. It depends on temperament and nature of other cat breeds, their age and individual characteristics.
Cornish Rex is a cat of a medium build, in kind of an oriental type. Cornish Rex has a slim, yet muscular and strongly outlined silhouette. Noticeable ”naked eye” is the difference between individuals of male and female. Ms. Cornish Rex is elegant, having slim waist, delicate lady. Mr. Cornish Rex being more muscular also has a masculine face expres

sion. Cats of this breed move lightly and elastic because of their incredibly long legs. It’s Interesting to note that their hind legs are longer than the front ones, what makes their jumps high. Another distinguishing feature of Cornish Rex compared to other breeds is short, wavy, plushy coat, resembling an astrakhan lamb.

Beware! If you touch a cat of this breed, you will stay addicted to the end of your life.

by Anna Wilczek