Approved by FIFe General Assembly in 2002, Breed Councils came into effect on January 1st 2003. The Breed Councils (BC) will be established for each breed in order to serve FIFe in an advisory capacity on breed standards, breeding rules and health issues. BC’s will channel opinions and suggestions from the individual FIFe breeder through the Breed Council Secretary. The Breed Council Administrator represents BC’s at the General Assembly.

The new BC Rules are valid starting from 1.1.2011. We hope this website will help all FIFe Cornish Rex breeders to keep in touch with the members of the official FIFe BC for this amazing breed. All BC members are passionate about Cornish Rex Cats and hope you will join us in doing everything possible to promote and protect this breed. Applications to become a member of the FIFe CRX BC should be sent to the club in which you hold full membership using the application form on the FIFe website.

We hope you enjoy our website and find it useful and informative. For any additional information you may need, please do not hesitate to contact our BC Secretary.